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MyCare Selection supports you in navigating and finding appropriate care

Who are we?


MyCare Selection is a free expert care navigation service available to health (NHS) and social care organisations/professionals and also individuals/their families who need support finding high quality care providers - whether that is care at home (also known as domiciliary care) or a care home (nursing or residential home) itself. We can source this care for people in the community who have increasing care needs, as well as those who require care support following admission to hospital (often referred to as Discharge to Assess)

Health & Social Care Organisations & Professionals

If you or a friend is seeking care


Health & Social Care Organisations & Professionals 


Whether you support people being discharged from hospital or those living at home you will meet people qualified to pay for their own care (self-funders) and individuals topping up Council direct payments. We enable and support people to find and arrange care services, and quickly navigate through an often complex and stressful process - we are an expert and highly efficient care broker.
We operate a range of cost-effective and highly competitive contract services with the NHS and Social Care, including Integrated Care Systems/Organisations, and actively align with and better enable Discharge to Assess (D2A) models and pathways. Our approach helps build additional community capacity, better enable timely flow and discharge and reduce hospital length of stay (LOS)


MyCare Selection's experienced, highly-trained and DBS checked Care Navigators support people to find an appropriate care provider quickly. Typically, we expect to find a care placement immediately or within 24-48 hours of receiving a referral. This can be either a CQC registered care home or a care agency, or via an introduction to a highly experienced and suitably qualified personal care assistant. We will support these service users up until we have found a suitable care provider and can then relay the outcome to you.


We understand the importance of finding a balance between selecting a choice of providers that offer high quality and good value care while satisfying the service user's needs, and also the need to act with pace to support and enable timely discharge. 

When it comes to identifying all the care providers in your area then we are experts in swiftly finding CQC approved residential homes and home care agencies, often bringing additional care capacity into your local area. We are also in touch with hundreds of compliance checked, high quality self-employed Personal Care Assistants that are presently working in the community around you.  

Individual referrals can be made to us now even where a formal contract is not in place. You are welcome to signpost service users directly to us, here via our website using the ‘Referral’ link below, or by handing out our information pamphlet (please ask us for copies). Also, you can email us at However, we always appreciate the opportunity to discuss the care package with you directly, so please phone us on 0800 756 6920


Care Providers’ Services Include:

Home Care Including:
                                    1. Live-In Care
                                    2. Night Care Sits & Day Care Sits
                                    3. Day Care Visits
                                    4. Companionship

These home services are provided by Home (Domiciliary) Care Agencies and Personal Care Assistants

Care Homes Including:      1. Residential Homes (General/Dementia)
                                   2. Nursing Homes (General/Dementia)

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Care For You or A Friend

If you are in the position of needing to pay for all or part of your own care then MyCare Selection can support you. 


MyCare Selection can put you in touch with our experienced, DBS checked, Care Navigators. They will support you in finding an appropriate care provider either immediately or within 24-48 hours. Our service is provided at no cost to you. 

We are in contact with many hundreds of care providers across the UK. They offer a range of care services and costs can vary according to where they live and the type of care required. 

Given our experience and knowledge we can support your search swiftly and concisely advising you about the care home and home care providers.

Essentially, there are three categories of care provider:

         1. Care Home Accommodation - Residential and Nursing

         2. Care at Home - Agency Services, And

         3. Care at Home - Self-employed Personal Care Assistants

When you get in touch you can expect us to listen to you about what care is needed and then to swiftly search the local market for a suitable provider, introducing you to to them when you have made your choice. Over this process, we are always mindful about offering you choice, value and continuity. While or goal is to help you live as independent a lifestyle as possible.

To start your search please TALK TO A CARE NAVIGATOR on 0800 756 6920 or email us at


We are a free service for individuals having to pay for their own care or for those wishing to top up their Council Direct Payments 


Let us support you find suitable a care provider at no cost to you: 

  • At home live-in care
  • At home night and day sits

  • At home, morning noon and evening visits

  • At Home Companionship

  • Residential Homes

  • Nursing Homes

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“MyCare Selection took all the worry away when we needed a carehome for our frail mum. We can’t fault the friendly, compassionate service”

Sandra, Worcestershire

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