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About us

MyCare Selection provides a Care Navigation service; however, we also work closely alongside the NHS and Council teams. These teams are based in hospitals and in the wider community. They can signpost to us those people that are paying for their own care (commonly known as self-funders) and those also topping up direct payments from the Council.


We understand that most people don’t plan to receive care and the process is often new to those who do need it. That’s why we created this resource to help social care professionals and individuals identify the most suitable care facility. This can be for you, your loved one or someone for whom you are acting in a professional capacity.

It is our goal to reduce the risk of a person being admitted to hospital by putting in place a suitable and timely care package. We also enable people being discharged from hospital to make better and more informed choices.

We take great care and time to ensure we have identified the hundreds of care providers in your county or area. We aim to offer the widest possible choice possible and the best value care and that provides greater continuity.

A Care Navigator supports you from the start of your search going over key considerations including:

  • budget

  • special care requirements

  • approaching a care provider

  • negotiating the terms of your care

  • organising viewings

  • assessments and more.

When you first contact us, you will be introduced to your Care Navigator. This person will be your point of contact right up until you have chosen the preferred care facility.


MyCare Selection collectively has over 20 years’ experience in providing healthcare solutions.

If you would like to know more about how we can support your search the please Get In Touch using the button below or contact our call centre on 0800 756 6920.

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